The African SOUP

What is The African SOUP?

The SOUP or “The Sponsorship of Orphans in Uganda Project” is an initiative to help orphans in Uganda combat hunger, homelessness, and helplessness.

We hope to do this by providing basic needs such as food, medical care, education, shelter, and clothing. These children live in dire poverty and are dying daily from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases.

Most of their parents have died from AIDS, which is a huge possibility for their fate as well. Our greatest desire is to give these children an opportunity for a normal childhood filled with laughter, joy, health, education and full bellies.

Founder Brin Enterkin lived in Uganda for a summer working in micro-finance (and delivering babies!), and in reaction to the abundance of orphans in the central African country, she created The African SOUP with the commitment to provide food, medical care, education, shelter, and clothing to as many underprivileged orphans as possible. This in turn, will create a stronger more stable Ugandan future. It started with the idea of sponsorship of the orphans by providing them with food and other basic physiological needs, but as time went on the project morphed into building an actual orphanage and school (pictures of the building’s progress can be seen here).

Oh, and I should also mention that not only is Brin currently a college student, but she’s already opened a school in a foreign country, which she did in high school (she likes to keep that info on the DL for some reason, but I think it’s worth mentioning)! So, if you’re ever in Cambodia, be sure to visit the Steve and Mary Enterkin School in Kom Trach!

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Brin and the SOUP staff held an event (dinner, presentations, and silent auction) in Atlanta last Friday to not only inform folks about what they’re working on, but also to hopefully raise some money in the process. I was there and snapped some photos (below). I’ve also invited myself along to the school’s opening ceremony, which should be at the end of the summer some time 🙂

If you’re interested in donating or sponsoring an orphan, all the info is on The African SOUP website here.



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