Sylvia Paret, Found Photo Album

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Ok, now that we’re all on the same page… I’ve always loved the idea of scrap booking (I can hear you laughing, it’s ok, I know I’m nerd), but this post- and this one–  are exactly why.

I have in my possession 6 very, very old scrap books from the early to mid-1900s, and you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty cool! It’s a little glimpse into our history, pre- World War II, how many of us actually know what life was like back then? Exactly. My goal is to get each one of them back to its original owner, or at least to the family of the original owner.

But I won’t be able to do it alone, so please share this story and video with anyone and everyone you can think of, and hopefully it’ll make its way to the family! And if you happen to know anything about any of the places or people in the video and photos, please send an email to or if you’re on Twitter, look for @ClairePhoto (I’ll be posting updates on my Twitter account). And while you’re busy doing that, I’m going to be doing my own digging around online to see what I can come up with.

Now admittedly, this first one will (should) be the easiest b/c Sylvia Paret wrote a good bit in the margins and also saved old high school graduation announcements, etc. But that’s why I chose to highlight this one first… in theory, this one should be “easy”!

So here we go…

Sylvia Paret, Brooklyn NY

And here’s what we know:

She was born on July 27, 1922

Her address in 1939 was 1421 East 14th Street, Brooklyn

She had one “parent/guardian” listed on her 1939 class schedule named Meyer Paret; her father maybe?

She went to Erasmus Hall High School, also in Brooklyn. And get this… Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Mae West and Bobby Fischer all went to the same high school (obviously, not all at the same time, but still cool!)

Sylvia went to Nursing School at Kings County Hospital in 1940

She liked the Brooklyn Dodgers and Gone with the Wind and seemed to be pretty interested in politics

There was also a random news clipping of some young Dutch princesses during a trip to Canada, so that led me to believe that maybe her family was originally from the Netherlands, not sure though

There are only a few people actually named in the album. They are: Solange Passot (who shows up several times throughout the album, along with a photo of her family), Ted Eyler from Frackville PA, Mary Piazzi from Wisconsin, and a gentleman named Harold (no last name)

And this is Sylvia…

Brooklyn Lost Photo Album

Brooklyn Lost Photo Album

Brooklyn Lost Photo Album

Brooklyn New York Lost Photo Album

There are a bunch more photos here, so check those out as well!

Looking through her album raised a lot of questions for me… Who was she? Where did she really come from? Also, since she was in nursing school right before US involvement in World War II, did she serve in the war? Did she ever come back? Who knows.

I’m hoping that through this process, I’ll be able to learn more about her and her family and where they came from and where they went. Doesn’t she just look like a nice person? I think so…

So, please email this link or the link to the video above to everyone you know and post it to Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media sites you’re a part of. And if you have any information, please email it to

Let’s see what we can find out!


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