new york in the summer

I’ve been to NYC eight times since October, yeah EIGHT(!) That’s a lot. And I think I’ve finally had my fill. Visiting NYC has always felt like coming home to me, b/c I lived there for a bit right after college, it’s just always held a special place in my heart. There’s something familiar and comfortable about returning to New York City, which I realize will sound strange to some people. But I know where to go and how to get there and am generally not surprised by anything (or anyone) I happen to run into. However, I have to say that NYC in the summer is just not as fantastic as NYC in the Spring and Fall (or even Winter for that matter). In the summer it’s hot & smelly, and I mean really hot and smelly. And I won’t even go into some of the disgusting things seen on the streets during this last trip.

Having said all of that I did have a chance to take some “for fun” photos while I was there in July (in addition to a portrait session).

First up, walking the High Line…

Gay Marriage in New YorkWest Side BuildingEmpire State BuildingNYC Street From AboveNYC HighlineThe Moon in the CityLove Me

These people were just dancing in the streets in the Meatpacking District…

Dancing in the StreetsMore Dancing in the Streets

Pit stop…

Efes NYC

I did NOT like this beer, but I did like the bottle & label…

British Beer

Walk with the pups…

Ghetto Dogs in the Big CityGhetto Dogs in the Big City

Back home…

Rocko the pitbull

(that was shot at ISO 2000 by the way)

NYC Hallway


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