Lost (?) and Found (!)

I was recently given 6 really, really old photo albums, and I mean almost 100 years old old (the oldest is from 1919). They were purchased at the Chelsea flea market recently from various folks, who most likely found them when cleaning out homes of people who had recently (?) passed away. Kinda creepy, right?! I thought so too. But then I started looking through them and was immediately drawn into the lives of these people. I started to think about their families, where they came from, were they immigrants, what were their names, etc. I have no idea if these albums were discarded on purpose or not, but I’ve decided to track down the families of the people who created them and hopefully return them to their rightful owners (or at least their families)!

The first one will be the easiest because I already know who created that album, Sylvia Paret (she’s written her name all throughout it); turns out she went to the same high school as Barbara Streisand, Mae West, Bobby Fisher, and Neil Diamond! (obviously not all at the same though) But how cool is that?? Anyway, more on her next week. The rest of the albums have a lot less information than Sylvia’s, so it’ll be more of a challenge to figure out who they belong to.

And I’ll need your help with this. Remember the story recently about the guy who found a lost roll of film in a Brooklyn park and used the internet to track down the owners? Well, I want to try the same thing. Next week I’m going to post a video all about Sylvia Paret and her photo album, and I want you to re-tweet, re-post, email, etc, it to everyone you know to see if this could actually work!

For now, here are the albums (in case you’re wondering, Sylvia’s is the larger one on the top left)…

photo albums from the early 1900sphoto albums from the early 1900sphoto albums from the early 1900sphoto albums from the early 1900sphoto albums from the early 1900s

Told you they were old! Little pieces of them actually fall off when they’re handled….

Anyway, check back next week and you’ll get to hear all about Sylvia Paret. I’m really looking forward to whatever else I can find out about her and the owners of the other albums.

And I really, really hope you’ll all help me with this!!!


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  1. christian enterkin 04/08/2011 at 7:42 pm #

    oh my – i am soooooo excited to learn more about this. i feel like im witnessing a mystery being solved – very thrilling – i can’t wait to meet all these characters come to life!

  2. lisa kagan 04/08/2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Wow Claire! I can’t wait to hear about the seach…so cool!

  3. Jennife Dray 04/09/2011 at 9:13 am #

    Very cool and very interesting….

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