Lost (?) and Found (!)

I was recently given 6 really, really old photo albums, and I mean almost 100 years old old (the oldest is from 1919). They were purchased at the Chelsea flea market recently from various folks, […]

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The African SOUP

What is The African SOUP? The SOUP or “The Sponsorship of Orphans in Uganda Project” is an initiative to help orphans in Uganda combat hunger, homelessness, and helplessness. We hope to do this by providing […]

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Voter Registration in Bhaktapur, Nepal with The Carter Center

Nepal is the middle of a massive undertaking… they’ve completely scrapped their old voter’s list and have started over. Not only that, but the process requires certain people (called Enumerators) to go door to door […]

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Nepal, February 2011

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Nepal, you should absolutely go, immediately, without question. It’s one of my favorite places. Unfortunately, it is plagued by some of the things you’d expect in […]

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Honduras, Fall 2009

Photos taken from a trip to Roatán and La Ceiba, Honduras in September 2009.

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